Hey everyone !


I am Siddhant Joshi and I would like to thank you all for taking your time out to know a little about me. I am your regular 17 year old with a little talent and a lot of curiosity. Inspired by my dad’s work, I got into the art of film making at a very tender age of 12.  And finally my efforts paid. My first short video named “GANG WAAR” was completed in 2011. I received both compliments and criticism but it induced in me neither arrogance nor insecurity. Soon enough I started working as an assistant director for many corporate films. Having gained the needed experience from working with some of the major names in the industry, I finally had my first breakthrough with my first film named “BREAKING THE SILENCE” which made me win the title “Best Little Director” during Children Film Festival 2013, organized by Children Film Society, India. Since then my continuous effort to spread the message of peace and prosperity have known no bound. With 4 films under my name, I have won many awards at international platform and my films have been screened at many places including  Timesquare, USA. But in the end I believe that the best gift I could have is knowing that I made someone smile and the only wealth worth earning, according to me, would be respect.

About me