My Films



1. Was official part of "Short Film Corner" at Festival De Cannes'15, France.


2. Won special cash prize at Sand Dunes International Film Festival-14 held in Bikaner.


3. Officially got selected and got screened in “ViBYOR International Film Festival-15” held in Kerala.


4. Officially got selected and got screened in “Delhi International Film Festival-14”.
This open ended psychological thriller  highlights the biggest nightmare of Indian students and alongside sensitizes viewers to  the malaise that ails today’s  India. The film juxtaposes  the  protagonist behind bars in prison and the  metaphorical bar of hopes and expectations of  people at large.


1. (LATEST) The film won "Best International Film" at All American High School Film Festival'15, held in Timesquare,USA.


3.(LATEST) Nomination for award at All American High School Film Festival'15 in following  categories -


   1.Best Overall Film
   2.Best Direction
   3.Best Documentary
   4.Best International Film


4. (LATEST) Officially got selected and got screened at Woodpecker Film Festival 2015.


4. Officially got selected and got screened in “ViBYOR International Film Festival-15” held in Kerala.


5. Officially screened in “Delhi International Film Festival-14”.
Varansi jn. a film/movie about the lives of people living on the Kashi railway platform portrays the foundations of the values on which the city was established. The film is a package of contradictions, lost hopes and dreams of people living in heinous conditions on this platform and brings forth the lives of the ill-fated girls whose survival lies in the hands of the everyday travelers who visit the city frequently via trains.


1. The film backed “Best Film award” at Aahan International Film Festival-14, Bombay.

2. Won "2nd best film" award in Chihn International Film Festival 2013.

3. Won "Special mention" in Minibox Children Film Festival 2013. The film competed in the professional Directors category.

4. Won "special mention" in Bangalore International Film Festival 2014 organized by Children's India. The film participated in the professional category.

5. The film was officially nominated in “All American High School Film Festival – 14” which was organized from 24th October to 26th October 2014 in New York City at AMC Empire theatres, Times Sqaure, USA.

6. The film officially got nominated and got screened at "Woodpecker Film Festival 2013" held in the month of December 2013.

7. The film was officially was nominated and was screened at “Vivekananda International Film Festival ” took place in the month of September ‘ 14.
The film focuses on the livelihood problems faced by migrant labors who migrate to urban cities in search of better living. But they don’t know what is in store for them. The hardships that they have to face. This film is collection of many interviews of poor people who have left their hometown in search of better means of living.

Breaking the silence

1. Won "Best Little Director" at ICFFI '13 ( International Children Film Festival, India ) which is organized by Children Film Society of India, Government of India.


2. The entire film got aired on AAJ TAK “Tez" on 18th March 2014, 9 : 00 PM IST.

3. The film was officially nominated and screened at Oneota Film Festival 2014, held in Decorah, USA.

4. Officially nominated and screened in "Chihn International Film Festival 2013".


The film revolves around a below average boy. His mother is always out in parties and his dad is very strict. And above all, his seniors always bully him. Driven by anger for his seniors, he tries to take revenge, but unfortunately he gets beaten up. His dad didn’t listen to his story and scolded him very
badly. He decides to end his life once for all. But he realized something. That realization made him to rethink the decision that he took to end his life.